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Activism Against Gender Violence 2011

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence

November 25- December 10, 2011

This international campaign highlights how violence against women, girls, and others due to gender and sexuality is a violation of human rights. This is an opportunity to raise awareness, strengthen local efforts, and demonstrate solidarity of people around the world who are working to end gender violence.

Check out the Take Action Tool Kit!

*Note: the campaign and tool kit are updated each year, check out the 2012 Tip for the current campaign!

Map It. End It. Demand Change.

Take Back the Tech! has launched a technology campaign that coincides with the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence that encourages people everywhere to take one action per day to end gender violence.

Storytelling is a powerful tool that has been used for centuries to make connections. Now increasingly we are utilizing technology to connect, communicate, and spark change. However, we also know that violence is occurring online due to gender and sexuality and often these stories go untold. So this year Take Back the Tech! has created a platform to take control of technology and end gender violence.

  1. Map Your Story. A place to share stories about technology related gender violence that has the potential to convey the reality and scope of this international problem. Throughout the campaign there will be five areas of focus: culturally-justified violence against women, online harassment and cyberstalking, intimate partner violence, sexual assault and rape, violence targeting communities because of their gender or sexual identity and politics.
  2. Strengthen Your Skills. Learn how to use digital communication tools in a way that respects privacy and encourages safety. Resources and tips about geolocation, social networking, mobile phones, apps, and other technology.
  3. Exercise Your Rights Online. Take creative action to promote the rights of everyone online. A few ideas: add subtitles to sexist advertisements, suggest feminist literature to your local library, or start a #16days Twitter tag!

Check out the catalog of great daily actions from the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence from 2007- 2011:

Online Safety

Digital storytelling is a fun and potentially wide-reaching way to speak out against gender violence. But don't forget to review Privacy Considerations When Posting Content Online, a guide from National Network to End Domestic Violence to make sure digital communication is rewarding and safe!

Want more?

Check out the WCSAP Library for resources on social networking, Twitter, and community activism!

Reviewed: April 11th, 2016