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Activism Against Gender Violence 2012

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence

From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World: Let's Challenge Militarism and End Violence Against Women!

November 25- December 10, 2012

This international campaign highlights how violence against women, girls, and others due to gender and sexuality is a violation of human rights. This is an opportunity to raise awareness, strengthen local efforts, and demonstrate solidarity of people around the world who are working to end gender violence.

The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence is an international campaign originating from the first Women's Global Leadership Institute coordinated by the Center for Women's Global Leadership in 1991. Participants chose the dates November 25- International Day Against Violence Against Women- and December 10- International Human Rights Day- in order to symbolically link violence against women and human rights and to emphasize that such violence is a violation of human rights. This 16-day period also highlights other significant dates including November 29, International Women Human Rights Defenders Day, December 1, World AIDS Day, and December 6, which marks the Anniversary of the Montreal Massacre.

Check out this year's Take Action Tool Kit and the other great resources from the Center for Women's Global Leadership at Rutgers University. And stay connected:

16 Days X 16 Stories: Tell. Listen. Act.

Take Back the Tech! has again launched a technology campaign that coincides with the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence that encourages people everywhere to take one action per day to end gender violence. Each daily action explores an issue of violence against women and its interconnection with communication rights, such as the right to privacy, freedom of expression and the right to information. The actions approach different communication platforms - online and off - in creative and tactical ways.

You can take one action a day, or choose from actions that you feel strongly about. You can also commit to just taking one action throughout the 16 days. Organize with your friends and community to take action. Engage in issues of violence against women and technology. Learn and play with new communications tools. And in the process, take control of technology for activism to end violence against women. Check out the catalog of great daily actions from Take Back the Tech's 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence from 2007- 2011.

Digital storytelling is a fun and potentially wide-reaching way to speak out against gender violence. But don't forget to review Privacy Considerations When Posting Content Online, a guide from National Network to End Domestic Violence to make sure digital communication is rewarding and safe!

Reviewed: April 11th, 2016