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Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Every year in April communities across Washington rally to raise awareness and take steps to "Be The Solution" to ending sexual violence.  Before delving in to the 2018 SAAM Campaign, you may want to check out the broad SAAM resources we've compiled for you.

  • History of SAAM. Learn more about this movement.
  • Working with the Community. Includes past campaign activities and discussions, tips for community and school engagement, and topic specific talking points.
  • Getting started with SAAM. Includes talking points, tips on working with the media, sample PSA and New Releases.
  • Resources for Youth. These websites can be shared with teens you are working with.
  • Past Campaigns. If the focus or materials of this year's campaign doesn't feel like a good fit, check out the past materials we've developed.


Check out the 2018 Sexual Asssault Awareness Month Campaign

Reviewed: February 14th, 2018