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Media Literacy

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Have you ever heard the phrase "let's unpack that"? Sometimes I think that might be the slogan at the heart of primary prevention work. If telling communities that rape or sexual violence is wrong was enough, I think we would all be out of jobs by now. The thing about rape culture that makes it challenging to dismantle is that it can be really hard to see. It's woven into the fabric of almost everything -and especially the media.

The articles in this issue of PISC provide a framework to understand the importance of media literacy skills and its relationship to sexual violence prevention work. We begin by providing a theoretical basis and research findings on the impact of problematic media messages and media literacy skills. The next articles delve into specific instances of rape culture in the media and programmatic work. We finish this issue with our Question Oppression and Resources sections to help further the conversation about media literacy in your work.

We hope this issue will provide you with ideas and tools to build media literacy skills and engage communities in meaningful dialogue to end sexual violence. We welcome feedback at

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Reviewed: May 9th, 2016