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Parents: Prevention Allies

Download this publicationIn this issue of Partners in Social Change, we examine the influence that parents have with their teens and how this can be supported and enhanced to increase the effectiveness of sexual violence prevention. In the articles that follow, you will read about why parents should be engaged and how you can facilitate that process. We share a sexual health expert's great "Top 10" list of talking points that parents can use when they talk to their teens about sex and sexual violence. Next, we review a framework for a parent engagement curriculum and guidance for creating a program. Jane Doe Inc. describes their innovative project that engages and empowers fathers to talk about sex and gender with their sons. We highlight one of the great programs here in Washington State that has created an online tool to start conversations with teens. Finally, we conclude with Question Oppression and prevention resources to support ongoing work with parents.

We hope this issue will provide you with ideas and tools to engage the parents of teens in your community in your efforts to end sexual violence. We welcome feedback at

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Reviewed: November 6th, 2015