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Bystander Intervention in Marginalized Communities

In this webinar we will explore using the bystander approach of sexual violence prevention with marginalized communities. Participants will expand their knowledge of the LGBTQ community, learn the basic principles of bystander intervention, and finally, using the LGBTQ population as an example, will practice customizing bystander intervention programs to the populations we work with. Though most bystander intervention programs in existence are geared towards college or university students, participants will get the opportunity to examine various scenarios that directly affect their constituents and brainstorm how to interrupt these situations both safely and effectively.

Presented by Erin McCready and Seth Kirby

Erin McCready is a youth advocate for Sexual Assault Prevention at the Oasis Youth Center in Tacoma. A graduate from CSU Long Beach, Erin has a degree in religious studies, with a focus in gender studies. She put herself through college by working with associations where she could make a difference, such as a women's recovery home in down town Los Angeles as well as an after school arts program for inner city youth. Throughout her career, Erin has focused on the constructs of gender in numerous cultures and how these constructs contribute to systemic sexual violence and oppression throughout the world. In the past year at Oasis, Erin has created a Bystander Intervention Curriculum that is specific to queer youth, participated on the regional Commercially Sexually Exploited Youth task force in Western Washington, and has personally advocated for many LGBTQ youth.

Seth Kirby has his dream job as the Director of Oasis, Pierce County's only drop-in, support, and resource center specific to LGBTQ youth. Seth has been involved with Oasis for over 10 years as a volunteer, HIV prevention educator, and as the director. Seth serves on the Seattle-King County Regional Task Force that is developing an action plan to better serve youth who are victims of sexual exploitation. Seth holds a master's degree in Public Administration and serves on the board of the Pride Foundation in his spare time

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Reviewed: April 12th, 2016