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Bystander Scripts

It is often easier to understand concepts by using clear examples, so many bystander programs contain scripts, or potential events, that can occur during an intervention.

Bystander intervention programs exist to define moments of action and to remove doubt around who is responsible for taking action. We are all responsible, to our ability, for our community and the safety of those around us.

Sometimes people have difficulty determining whether they have a responsibility to act in a situation and then an idea of how to follow-through. Using scripts makes it clear how they can respond to a given situation.

Virginia Tech uses a tool with "plays" such as a full court press (recruiting the assistance of friends) and a pick and roll (using a distraction). Check out the other "plays" in the Bystander Intervention Playbook.

Want More?

Additional examples of bystander scripts:

** These items are also available in the WCSAP Library.

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Reviewed: August 10th, 2016