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Community Readiness for Prevention

Communities have varying levels of readiness in regards to different issues. Choosing a community with a high degree of readiness to engage in sexual violence prevention will optimize your chances for success. If you choose a community with low readiness, it is likely to be frustrating in addition not creating change. Communities with low and medium levels of readiness are better suited for information/awareness and skill building activities.

Conducting a readiness assessment can help the success of your prevention work by:

  • Gauging community readiness for change
  • Increasing community capacity
  • Creating a climate that allows for change

One model of readiness is The Community Readiness Model from the Tri-Ethnic Center for Prevention Research. This is an innovative method for assessing the level of readiness of a community to develop and implement prevention programming. It can be used as both a research tool to assess distribution of levels of readiness across a group of communities or as a tool to guide prevention efforts at the individual community level.

You can download a free copy of Community Readiness.

Want More?

Prevent Connect offers many e-Learning courses. Check out the module Community Mobilization and Primary Prevention and download the Course Workbook to determine readiness for agencies, prevention educators, and communities.

Reviewed: July 11th, 2016