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Have questions or want more info on consent, sex, dating, healthy relationships, etc.? Check out these sites to get started.

sex etc.
sex etc.

For honest and thorough answers about sex, dating, body image, sexuality dynamics, and so much more, try Scarleteen.

love is respect

  • What is dating anyways? Get started with the basics.
  • Is your relationship good for you? Take this quiz!
  • Questioning stuff about your relationship or your friends' relationships? Check out this power and control wheel to get examples and video testimonials.
  • Get help. You can chat with a trained professional, read about breaking up, and find resources for you or friends.
a thin line
  • Get the facts about sexting, constant messaging, spying, and digital disrespect.
  • Take the quiz about digital drama and boundaries.
Reviewed: April 11th, 2016