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Creating Strong Dual/Multi-Service Agencies

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center and the Resource Sharing Project have provided some excellent information on how dual or multi agencies can ensure that their sexual assault advocacy and community activism remains strong. Their article, "Opening Doors: Building Strong Sexual Assault Services in Dual/Multi-Service Agencies" identifies ten characteristics of agencies that offer robust sexual assault services to their communities. If your agency provides other services as well as sexual assault services, you may want to look at this list to see how strong you are!

Strong dual/multi-service agencies

  1. have mission, strategic plan, and specific goals established for their sexual violence programs
  2. provide specific advocacy training on sexual violence and core service provision
  3. provide services to the full continuum of sexual violence survivors, including girls and boys, teen and adult women, and teen and adult men
  4. speak to the community about sexual violence
  5. provide crisis intervention services, including medical and legal advocacy that are specifically tailored or created to meet the needs of survivors of sexual violence
  6. provide ongoing support services specifically designed and marketed for survivors of sexual violence, including support groups, access to therapy, and services for non-offending parents or other secondary victims
  7. work with systems
  8. listen to the community
  9. have ongoing dialogue about sexual violence and oppression, develop culturally relevant policies, practice, and education programs, and help survivors find vital services that are culturally relevant
  10. have a plan that is both proactive and responsive to vicarious trauma experienced by staff and volunteers

If you are doing strategic planning, an annual retreat, or any form of program evaluation, you may want to share this list with staff, Board members, system partners, and/or the community to get feedback about how your agency is doing on all these fronts.


Reviewed: March 21st, 2017