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Telling Your Community's Prevention Story: Tips & Tricks for Creatively Collecting Process Data


This webinar will examine the process of community-based planning and mobilization that produces rich data that can be weaved into a community’s prevention story. Preventionists, especially those working with diverse and underserved communities, need access to creative methods of collecting, analyzing, and reporting data. It can often be a struggle to use traditional evaluation methods in ways that maintain the spirit of the community voices and adequately account for issues of cultural and linguistic translation.

What types of systems can be put into place to facilitate collecting and reporting rich, meaningful data that are also culturally appropriate? How can reporting of these data account for the storytelling and other creative products that emerge from community planning processes? This webinar will explore methods for collecting and working with the variety of data that often emerge from these processes and will also look at creative planning tools that produce easily captured creative data. 


Morgan Curtis

Morgan J Curtis in an independent consultant who has worked for over a decade to address issues of gender-based violence. Her specialty is building the capacity of organizations to implement and evaluate comprehensive, community-based primary prevention initiatives. In 2006, the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault, hired her to coordinate the shift of rape crisis centers to a primary prevention approach to ending violence. In her 9 years there, she served as the agency’s first prevention director and later as deputy director. She has worked at the local, statewide, and national levels to build agency capacity to conduct meaningful program evaluation and is the co-author of a toolkit on activity-based evaluation. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in social work and has served as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin. Currently, Morgan is pursuing an additional master’s degree at Harvard Divinity School.

Recording and Material

Reviewed: October 19th, 2016