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CSA Prevention

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Overview

Introduction to the Primary Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse (2013) This resource document includes content on CSA dynamics, primary prevention framework, national reviews of programming, and key highlights from WA Statewide Assessment.

Washington State Projects

Exploration of Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Efforts in Washington State (2013). In this report, we summarize our findings from research reviews, national reports, and a Statewide survey and focus groups. We use these findings to present future directions of CSA Primary Prevention efforts here in Washington.

CSA Prevention Pilot Project ReportsIn these reports, we share information about the Year One and Year Two pilots of the Where We Live curriculum around Washington State. Evaluation reports for both years of the pilot project are also available on this page.

"Youth Activity Guide for Advocates and Preventionists" (2016). The purpose of this Activity Guide is to provide a menu of activities and discussions for advocates working with child survivors of sexual assault and for prevention programs for young children. The target age group for this installment is 5-12 years old. 


Tools For Preventionists

  • "Preventing Child Sexual Abuse"WCSAP prevention publication PISC, Summer 2015.

  • "Where We Live" curriculum (2011)This manual, published by the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, is a four session educational and skill building initiative designed to prevent child sexual abuse. Where We Live is a primary prevention initiative that strives to not only to raise parents' awareness of child sexual abuse, but also to build their skills for proactive behaviors. This curriculum is being implemented as part of the Washington State CSA Prevention project (see above for more information)

  • Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Information Packet (2011). This information packet was developed by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center for sexual violence prevention educators, advocates, and their allied partners in public health and other disciplines.

Brochures to Give to Parents & Caregivers

Additional Online Resources

Related Content

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  • For more information on supporting parents/ nonoffending caregivers and to find resources to give them, please see our Parents page.

Reviewed: February 18th, 2018