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Exploration of Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Efforts in Washington State

Over the last two years, WCSAP has prioritized the issue of child sexual abuse (CSA) prevention in Washington State. Our initial motivation was high requests from our programs for resources and guidance in doing this work. We learned there was a lot of interest from communities and excitement from programs to address child sexual abuse. However, in our efforts to provide information and resources that reflected promising practice and effective prevention principles, there were limited tools that we felt met this need. The combination of local program interest and increasing attention on the national scene led WCSAP to invest time into exploring the primary prevention of CSA.

In this report, we summarize our findings from research reviews, national reports, and a Statewide survey and focus groups. We use these findings to present future directions of CSA Primary Prevention efforts here in Washington.

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Reviewed: November 6th, 2015