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Sexual Violence Prevention Curricula: Child Sexual Abuse

Title: Care for Kids

Description: Prevent Child Abuse Vermont is a health-based curriculum for children that emphasizes healthy sexuality education as an important aspect of child sexual abuse prevention.  It contains 6 units- Bodies, Babies, Feelings, Touching, Bedtime, and Secrets/Surprises.  Each unit teaches and reinforces 2 to 4 simple, age-appropriate messages via a circle time, a song, a book, and an activity or craft.

Target Audience: Children ages 3 to 8. Parents. Teachers.  

Availability: Complete kit (manual, books, CD, and dolls) can be ordered for $198. Available in the WCSAP library.

Topics: CSA; Healthy Sexuality

Title: Where We Live

Description: This curriculum, created by the Pittsburgh Action Against Rape (PAAR), engages parents to prevent child sexual abuse.  The program design was heavily informed by parents and many useful facilitation notes are in the manual and throughout the curriculum.  Curriculum goals: knowledge of sexual abuse, discussing boundaries, promoting healthy self-esteem, provide opportunities to engage in discussions with children, practice skills intervening, review reporting procedures, helping children name body parts, questioning problematic behavior of other adults, discussing impact of pop culture and gender roles, and healthy sexual development of children.  Parents complete four 2-hour sessions: boundaries, bystanders, healthy relationships, and healthy sexuality.  They are given take-home activities to complete with their children.  Comes with pre and post test evaluation tools. 

Target Audience: Parents and caregivers of children of up to age 10.

Availability: Full curriculum, handouts, and facilitation manual available online; Available in the WCSAP Library

Topics: CSA; Healthy Sexuality


Reviewed: November 1st, 2013