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Curricula Guide

Sexual Violence Prevention Curricula Guide

Prevention curricula can be useful tools to enhance programming, so the Prevention Resource Center (PRC) has compiled a listing of several curricula that are used by sexual violence preventionists.  The Guide provides information about the focus areas, audience, availability, and any available evaluation findings. Curricula are tagged with the following topics: Boys & Men, Bullying, Bystanders, Communication, CSA (Child Sexual Abuse), Culturally Specific, Disability, Girls & Women, Healthy Sexuality, Relationships, Root Causes, Sexual Harassment, and Technology. 

This list is not intended to include all possible curricula options nor serve as an endorsement of included curricula. The intention of this resource is to provide preventionists with a starting place when reviewing curricula to meet the needs of their community. When using any curriculum, you should consider specific risk and protective factors of the community, consistency with The 9 Principles of Effective Prevention, and overall reach of the Social-Ecological Model. Almost every curriculum will need to be modified to fit the community you are working with and you may find it most beneficial to pull from several curricula to create a customized program.

We update this guide periodically and request that you link to or cite this webpage rather than the PDF so you will have access to the most recent version.  Additionally, if you have used any of these curricula or know of others we should review, you can send feedback to

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Reviewed: March 16th, 2018