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Sexual Violence Prevention Curricula: Healthy Relationships

Title: The Red Flag Campaign (2010)

Description: Public awareness campaign created by the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance. Encourages bystanders to intervene when they witness peers in dating or sexual violence situations. The posters address emotional abuse, jealousy, victim-blaming, isolation, sexual assault, sexual coercion, and stalking. Posters represent diversity of racial/ethnic backgrounds and both heterosexual and same-sex relationships. Planning Guide includes tips to launch the campaign, discussion group guides, and sample press releases.
Target Audience: College students
Availability: Purchase the campaign package of posters, Planning Guide, and flags for $850.
Topics: Bystanders; Healthy Relationships

Title: Expect Respect

Description: Program created by Safe Place in Austin, TX. Offers activities across the spectrum of prevention: Safe Teens youth leadership development curriculum, a school-wide prevention strategies guide, and a school-based support group curriculum. The youth leadership and school-wide components offer a chance to work across the social-ecological model on the primary prevention of violence, bullying, and harassment. Identified as a promising practice by the CDC.
Target Audience: Middle and high school students. Engages entire school community as well.
Availability: Can preview the Manual overview and table of contents online. Entire program (four books and CD) costs $160. Available in the WCSAP Library.
Topics:Bystanders; Bullying; Sexual Harassment; Healthy Relationships

Title: Safe Dates

Description: Comprehensive dating violence prevention program. Consists of a 10-session curriculum, play, parent materials, and posters. Students discuss healthy relationships, red flags, helping friends, gender stereotypes, and sexual assault. This is an evidence-based program that has had long-term outcomes measured.
Target Audience: Middle and high school students
Availability: Order entire program for $225. Available in the WCSAP Library.
Topics: Healthy Relationships

Title: The Fourth “R”

Description: Curriculum created by Strategies for Healthy Youth Relationships in Ontario, Canada. A comprehensive school-based program involving students, teachers, parents, and the community to prevent violence. Healthy relationship skills are considered an essential piece of education to be incorporated into schools through health classes, English classes, or after-school programs. The curriculum addresses violence, bullying, sexual pressure, media, conflict resolution, and substance abuse. Evidence-based curriculum with results shown to reduce dating violence and increase safe sex practices.
Target Audience: Middle and high school students. Engages teachers and parents as well.
Availability: Curricula sold individually by grade and setting. Prices range from $60 to $700.  Can preview selected lessons.
Topics: Healthy Sexuality; Healthy Relationships

Title: Choose Respect

Description: This program, developed by the CDC, aims to foster healthy relationship skills in teens. Various lessons, role-plays, and activities serve as tools of primary prevention of dating violence through the promotion and normalization of healthy relationships. For youth, various materials were created in fun and colorful styles, such as bookmarks, posters, and pocket guides. Lessons are divided to target each level of the social-ecological model. 
Target Audience: Middle school students. Opportunities for parents and teachers to get involved.
Availability: All materials and activities can be purchased individually, ranging from $25 to $125. Some materials available in the WCSAP Library.
Topics: Healthy Relationships

Title: Be Strong: From the Inside Out

Description: Empowerment Model program created by Peace Over Violence. Structured to encourage positive female development on each level of the social-ecological model. Each lesson provides an opportunity for young women to challenge oppressive social norms, build connections with peers, develop their sense of self-esteem, and work towards preventing sexual and intimate partner violence. This is an evidence-informed curriculum and utilizes the 40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents. Some evaluation has been conducted with promising results for young women.
Target Audience: Females age 13-19. Developed for use with primarily Latina and African American females in LA; can be used with any population.
Availability: Entire curriculum and CD can be purchased for $95.
Topics: Healthy Relationships; Girls & Women; Culturally Specific

Title: Strong Girls, Healthy Relationships

Description: Jewish Women International created a 6-session, 12-hour program to promote a healthy sense of dating, friendship, and self-esteem for young women within a Jewish context. Participants are encouraged to explore these concepts through group discussions and individual writing exercises.
Target Audience: Females age 12 to 15.
Availability: A complete program contains the curriculum, workbooks, films, and brochures for $85.
Topics: Healthy Relationships; Girls & Women; Culturally Specific

Title: Love – All That and More (2009)

Description: The Faith Trust Institute created this healthy relationship and violence prevention curriculum comprised of 6-session curriculum, facilitator’s guide, and DVD clips. Teens are given skills to combat violence and develop healthy relationships.
Target Audience: Middle and high school students. Facilitator’s guide for use with Christian and Jewish youth, or in public schools.
Availability: Complete program can be ordered for $150. Available in the WCSAP Library.
Topics: Healthy Relationships; Culturally Specific

Title: F.L.A.S.H. (Family Life and Sexual Health) Curriculum (2010)

Description: The King County Public Health Department created this comprehensive sexuality education and violence prevention curriculum. Students are exposed to developmentally appropriate and medically accurate information. Through the course of school, students will learn about healthy sexuality, prevention of disease, body image, gender role norms, media literacy, communication, LGBTQ youth experiences, self-esteem, decision making, and healthy relationships. Includes teacher and community resources.  Considered a promising practice.
Target Audience: For a wide range of students. Divided into following lessons: Grades 4, 5, & 6; Grades 7/8; High School, and Special Education.
Availability: All materials can be ordered in hardcopy, ranging from $55 to $85 per grade section. Can also be downloaded for free. Available in the WCSAP Library.
Topics: Healthy Sexuality; Healthy Relationships

Title: F.L.A.S.H. Special Education Curriculum (2010)

Description: This edition of King County Public Health Department’s FLASH Curriculum contains 28 lessons for special needs classrooms in middle and high schools. Topics include self-esteem, gender identity, assertiveness, relationships, understanding the body, consent, and reproduction.
Target Audience: Middle and High School Students with special needs.
Availability: Available free online. Can be purchased for $60. Available in the WCSAP library.
Topics: Communication; Disability; Healthy Relationships; Healthy Sexuality

Title: Building Healthy Relationships Across Virginia: A Facilitator's Guide for Teen Dating Violence Prevention

Description: This guide was created by the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance. There is a facilitator’s introduction and 6 units; Introduction: A Facilitator's Guide for Teen Dating Violence Prevention, Unit 1: Positive Personal Development, Unit 2: Addressing Teen Dating Violence, Unit 3: Addressing Sexual Harassment with Teens, Unit 4: Addressing Sexual Violence with Teens, Unit 5: Exploring Gender Sexuality and Power, and Unit 6: Promoting Healthy Relationships.
Target Audience: Middle and High School Students.
Availability: Can be downloaded for free. See PDF table for lesson links.
Topics: Communication; Healthy Relationships; Sexual Harassment

Title: Relationships Skills Class (2012)

Description: Curriculum created by The Northwest Network of Bisexual, Trans, Lesbian, and Gay Survivors of Abuse. There are six classes that address anti-oppression, values, expectations, negotiations, accountability, boundaries, conflict, and community connections. Before the first session, participants are given handouts with ground rules, anti-oppression vocabulary, and recommended readings. The curriculum also includes tools for the facilitator.
Target Audience:LGBTQ Community.
Availability:  Purchase the curriculum for $250. Available in the WCSAP Library for preview.

Topics: Communication; Healthy Relationships; Sexual Harassment

Title: Our Whole Lives (OWL) (2000)

Description: The Unitarian Universalist Association created this secular curriculum to help participants make informed and responsible decisions about their sexual health and behavior. It equips participants with accurate, age-appropriate information in six subject areas: human development, relationships, personal skills, sexual behavior, sexual health, and society and culture. The curriculum is based on a holistic view of sexuality and provides facts about anatomy and human development, but also helps participants clarify their values, build interpersonal skills, and understand the spiritual, emotional, and social aspects of sexuality. Each volume contains different lessons, ranging from 8-session to 27-session curricula.
Target Audience: Six different age-appropriate volumes available: K- grade 1, Grades 4-6, Grades 7-9, Grades 10-12, Young Adults (age 18-35), and Adults.
Availability: Each volume is sold separately with prices ranging from $40 to $75. Suggested facilitator training.  Available in the WCSAP Library.
Topics: Healthy Sexuality; Healthy Relationships

Title: Unmasking Sexual Con Games

Description: The Teen’s Guide discusses warning signs around sexual harassment and also provides skills to develop healthy physical, emotional and sexual relationships. The Leader’s Guide contains 10-lessons that discuss emotional grooming, language, friendship, sexual harassment, unhealthy relationships, media literacy, substance abuse, and sexual boundaries.
Target Audience: Middle and high school students.
Availability: Teen’s Guide available for $5. Leader’s guide available for $30. Or can purchase as a set for $32. Older version available in WCSAP Library.
Topics: Sexual Harassment; Healthy Relationships

Title: Good Guys! Partnership & Positive Masculinity

Description: This program, created by Jewish Women International, explores issues of power and control, gender, self-esteem, masculinity, and relationships within a Jewish context. The sessions teach boys how to create healthy relationships and deal with peer pressure. There are 3 boys-only sessions that examine media messages of masculinity, power and relationships, respect, and responsibility.
Target Audience: Boys and young men in Jewish communities.
Availability: Good Guys curriculum is $50
Topics: Boys & Men; Culturally Specific; Healthy Relationships

Title: Young Men’s Work (1998)

Description: This 26-session curriculum, created by Paul Kivel and Allan Creighton, address gender norms, power and control, homophobia, racism, sexism, and other factors that contributes to gender-based violence. Young men are given tools to create healthy relationships through group discussions, activities, and videos. The website provides facilitators with tips on how to incorporate into school health or life skills requirements.
Target Audience: Young men, ages 14 to 19.
Availability: The complete collection contains the facilitators guide, activity books, and a DVD and is sold for $225. Available in the WCSAP Library.
Topics: Boys & Men; Healthy Relationships


TitleTurning Points: A Commitment to Build Stronger and Safer Tribal Communities (2010)

Description: This curriculum, created by the National Indian Justice Center, is designed to build capacity among tribal leaders, tribal families, health service providers, teachers, social workers, law enforcement, judges, and non-Natives to prevent sexual violence and intimate partner violence in tribal communities. The 10 sessions address awareness of the impacts of SV/IPV on tribal communities, connectivity between young men and boys to their tribal community and culture, capacity of an individual to manage anger and to respond to anger, and capacity within the community members to mentor young men and boys along a path that will result in stronger and safer tribal communities. Curriculum comes with pre- and post-tests for each lesson.

Target Audience: Tribal Communities
Availability: Free online. Hard copy available in the WCSAP Library.
Topics: Boys & Men; Culturally Specific; Healthy Relationships

Title: In Touch with Teens

Description: This curriculum was created by Peace Over Violence. Are eight sessions that address the roots of violence, power and control, relationship violence, cycle of violence, sexual harassment, sexual assault, coercive control, media impact, and building healthy relationships. Positive initial evaluation findings related to healthy relationships information, knowledge, and skills.

Target Audience: Middle and High School students.
Availability: Curriculum can be ordered for $230.
Topics: Healthy Relationships

Title: Shifting Boundaries (2010)

Description: The Shifting Boundaries includes a four-session curriculum for 6th Grade and a six-session curriculum for 7th Grade. Topics include boundaries, personal space, gender roles, and healthy relationships. Evaluation report findings:

Target Audience: Middle School students.
Availability: Curriculum is free online.
Topics: Healthy Relationships

TitleTeens and Primary Prevention of Sexual Violence: Where to Start? 

Description: This is curriculum was created by the Committee for Children to provide resources to children, families, and teachers about sexual abuse. The lessons, videos, and activities explain safe and unsafe touches, general safety rules, assertiveness, and introduces ways to stop bullying and harassment. Each kit contains photo-lessen cards, story book & CD, teacher’s guide, parent letters, video, and posters. This is a research-based program.

Target Audience: Pre-K and Kindergarten students.
Availability: Pre-K/K can be ordered for $289. Grades 1-3 can be ordered for $249. Both available in the WCSAP Library.
Topics: Bystanders; Communication; Healthy Relationships; Sexual Harassment

TitleBuilding Healthy Relationships (2006)

Description: These curricula were created by the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape. The curricula address the issues of sexual harassment, bullying, respect, and healthy relationships. Lesson plans and interactive activities are included to make these curricula educational and entertaining for all grades.
Target Audience: Students in grades K-5 or 6-12.
Availability: The K-5 or 6-12 curriculum are $24.95 each, or purchase both in the value pack for $39.95.

Topics: Bullying; Healthy Relationships; Sexual Harassment

TitleYouth Relationships Project (1995)

Description: The Youth Relationships Project was developed with funding from the National Health Research Development Program: Health Canada and the Ontario Mental Health Foundation. It consists of 18 weekly, two-hour sessions presented to youth between 14 and 16 years of age. It focuses on helping at-risk youth to develop an understanding of dating violence and to acquire skills related to personal responsibility, communication, and community participation.
Target Audience: High school students.
Availability: Curriculum manual can be purchased through Sage for $118.
Topics: Communication; Healthy Relationships


Reviewed: November 1st, 2013