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Developing a Personalized Training Plan

New Directors Online Manual Table of Contents

Sometimes taking over a new position can be overwhelming. There is a lot to learn and new directors often have to hit the ground running. Developing a personalized training plan can be an excellent way to identify your strengths as well as areas where you would benefit from additional training, support, or resources.

Personal Assessment ToolWCSAP has developed a Personalized Assessment Tool to help you create your training plan! Once you have completed the assessment we recommend choosing two or three topic areas to focus on for the next three to six months. WCSAP has gathered a collection of resources related to each and we are available for support as you increase your knowledge and develop these skills and abilities.

Download the Personal Assessment Tool

As a New Director…

This section applies to OCVA-funded Community Sexual Assault Programs.

Please note that OCVA does have training requirements for program managers; additionally, your grant manager may have worked with you to develop a personalized plan. WCSAP can help you to fulfill these training requirements.

Accreditation Standard P10 states:

The organization's director is qualified by having a minimum of six years of management experience. College education may substitute, year for year, for no more than a total of four of the years. The director must also have a minimum of 20 hours of management training specific to not-for-profits, including public or private human services agencies.

The sexual abuse/assault program director/coordinator (when not the agency director) must have a minimum of 10 hours of general management training. Management staff who do not provide direct client services must receive at least 12 hours of ongoing management training each year. Management staff who also provide direct client services, may include management related training as part of the required 12 hours of ongoing annual training.

WCSAP provides a number of trainings, both in-person and via the web, throughout the year. Additionally, the Manager's Institute is a full day training offered annually, usually in May. Not only is this a great way to meet your training hour requirements, these are wonderful opportunities to connect to other directors in the state. Contact the Program Management Specialist for details on upcoming training opportunities, as well as additional resources for how to meet OCVA training requirements.

Reviewed: June 16th, 2016