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Direct and Ethical Communication: An Essential Supporting Structure to Serve Survivors and Build Organizational Resilience


This webinar will take an advanced look at a foundational skill in our work: communication. So much of advocates’ work with systems, survivors, and colleagues centers on effective communication. Advocates and managers are called to challenge the oppression woven into systems and do so while still maintaining a relationship to those systems. Sexual assault program staff are also responsible for challenging each other to grow in our understanding of oppression. Many of us come to the field with communication skills that do not meet the enormous needs of our work. To be successful working with survivors and systems, working within healthy organizations, and to push for meaningful change we need the skills to communicate directly and ethically. These skills also serve to support health and increase resilience at the organizational level. Participants will leave this webinar with practical skills to implement these communication techniques in their daily work and lives.

Trainer: Cat Fribley

Cat has been with the Iowa coalition since 2001 managing the National Sexual Assault Coalition's Resource Sharing Project for the coalition. She provides capacity-building training and technical assistance to state and territorial sexual assault coalitions. In addition, she coordinates all national activities and events for the project. Cat has worked in the anti-violence movement since 1995 at national, state, and local advocacy organizations.

Recording and Material

Reviewed: December 5th, 2017