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Disability Accommodations

As survivor-centered agencies, we often think about accessibility in terms of the clients who come through our doors or call our hotlines; however, as organizations we should also be thinking about how we can accommodate those individuals with disabilities that work within our agencies.

By way of creating inclusive and diverse workplaces, we need to access technical assistance and planning tools to help us be intentional, proactive, and lawfully compliant. Here are a collection of resources that may be useful as you consider how your agency can accommodate current and future employees with disabilities:

Job Accomodation Network

The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) is the leading source of free, expert, and confidential guidance on workplace accommodations and disability employment issues. Working toward practical solutions that benefit both employer and employee, JAN helps people with disabilities enhance their employability, and shows employers how to capitalize on the value and talent that people with disabilities add to the workplace. Learn more about JAN. 

WISE, Washington State Training and Technical Assistance

Competitive integrated employment for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities has been our focus for over 30 years in WA State. We provide training, technical assistance (TA) and collaborative projects that engage stakeholders at the local and state level to assure that employment services are available to ensure access to employment opportunities. Learn more about WISE.

Workplace Strategies for Mental Health

This website, is the primary vehicle through which the Great-West Life Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace makes free information, tools and resources available to employers and organizations who recognize that a healthier workplace can improve their bottom line through:

  • Improving psychological health and safety in the workplace.
  • Supporting employee success when mental health is a factor.


Reviewed: August 23rd, 2017