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Discussion Guide: "Be The Solution" Game

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The "Be The Solution" Game & Discussion Guide encourages youth to discuss topics related to developing healthy sexuality, boundaries, and fulfilling relationships. This Discussion Guide can be used on its own, or with the brightly colored, bilingual (English/Spanish) game board to make the discussion fun and interactive!

As the facilitator, pick and choose from the suggested questions, Role Plays, and activities to best fit the goal of your group and any time limitations. Of course, customize these to reflect what is important to you and your community. It may even be fun to ask the spinner to come up with questions of their own. Be creative and have fun!

You can enhance the impact of this activity by providing youth resources to learn more about these topics on their own. We've created a simple web page with resources designed for youth. Share this link with participants, or even go through some of the links together as a group!

Download this Discussion Guide

Reviewed: April 12th, 2016