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Diversity, Non-Discrimination, Cultural Competency, Anti-Oppression, and Social Justice: Making Connections with Advocacy and the Experiences of Survivors


Diversity, non-discrimination, cultural competency, anti-oppression, & social justice are not synonyms - they are not words that replace one another, nor are they words that connote the same meaning or the same type of interaction.

As advocates and preventionists, it is vital that we take into account power relations and oppression. Advocating on behalf of survivors and being an ally includes thinking about services, survivors, and yourself in terms of diversity, non-discrimination, cultural competency, anti-oppression, and social justice.

This webinar has been adapted from a small piece of WCSAP’s Advocacy Core training curriculum. It can be used in lieu of the in-person lecture by Core trainers at Community Sexual Assault programs. This webinar can also be used simply on its own in individual or in-service learning and is approved on-going training for sexual assault advocates in Washington State.

Recording and Materials

Reviewed: August 1st, 2016