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Emergency Contraception: It's over the counter... why not in your desk drawer?

Advocates have long relied on emergency contraception as an option for rape survivors. Yet, we know many of the women we work with experience pressure around birth control choices and sex. We don't have to wait for someone to tell us about it. At intake, we can offer information about emergency contraception to everyone we work with. By making contraception available on-site at our programs, we are supporting a woman's control over her body.

Learn about emergency contraception--what it is, how it works, who can get it, and how to talk about it.

UPDATE: PlanB is now available on some pharmacy shelves. Rite Aids in Western Washington are now stocking PlanB on the shelves next to the condoms, ovulation tests, etc. Fred Meyer and QFC should be stocking it starting August 11th.

Presented by Leigh Hofheimer (Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence) and Leah Holland (WCSAP)

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Reviewed: April 7th, 2016