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Fearless Strategic Planning: Preparing for and Showcasing Our Success


Many programs in Washington and throughout the country are highly confident in the quality of their programs, but often find it difficult to demonstrate that quality to key stakeholders, including Boards, staff, community partners, and funders. Even more challenging, these stakeholders often find it difficult to connect the work to the mission of the organization. Through this webinar, we will discuss one path to more closely and explicitly making these connections: strategic planning. We will review the key steps and provide relatively simple tools for enhancing the clarity of your mission and message, which will make both evaluation and communication far more simple and effective.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this webinar, participants will:

  1. Identify a strategic plan as a critical tool in their program planning, evaluation, and communication efforts.
  2. Have confidence that they can improve their plans.
  3. Have a strategy and tools for examining their mission, goals, objectives, activities, and evaluation.


For more than twenty years, Patrick Lemmon has helped organize communities, and particularly men in communities, to speak out for ending men’s violence against women. Before moving to Portland, OR in 2010 from Washington, DC, Patrick was co-founder and Executive Director of Men Can Stop Rape and a member of the Board of Directors for the DC Rape Crisis Center.

Currently, he serves on the Prevention and Education Committee and co-chairs the Men’s Engagement Committee for the Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force. In addition to his work in Portland and across the state of Oregon, he is also a member of the national advisory council of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. When he isn’t focused on his passion for the prevention of gendered violence, Patrick works with a wide variety of organization to help them to engage more effectively in bringing greater coherence to their work through strategic planning, implementation, and evaluation.

Recording & Materials

Reviewed: April 8th, 2016