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  • If you are in imminent danger, please call 911.

If you or someone you know is the victim of sexual assault in Washington State, use this Resource Directory to help you to locate resources and support.

There are 38 Community Sexual Assault Programs (CSAPs) that are accredited by the Washington Office of Crime Victims Advocacy in Washington State. Trained advocates may provide the following services:

  • Free, confidential 24/7 hotline
  • information about sexual assault
  • referral to other community service providers
  • crisis intervention and on-going support
  • medical and legal advocacy, community awareness, outreach and prevention activities,

All accredited programs must meet standardized criteria for their services. Some programs also provide specialized services in the form of support groups, therapy, or medical social work.

Cost of services

Accredited Community Sexual Assault Programs offer most services free of charge to the client.

Help for incarcerated victims

In Washington State, there is a Sexual Assault Support and Information Line that is operated by an independent agency outside of the Department of Corrections. Services through this line are free. Calls are not recorded and do not require your PIN. If you’ve been affected by sexual assault or abuse, you can call this line for private support services at 1 (855) 210-2087. The Support and Information Line hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.​

Abused Deaf Women's Advocacy Services
King County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (206) 812-1001
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (206) 922-7088
Website/Página Web:

Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse
Whitman County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (509) 332-4357
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (509) 332-0552
Website/Página Web:

Aspen Victim Advocacy Services
Yakima County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (509) 452-9675
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (509) 452-9675
Website/Página Web:

Aspen Victim Services of Kittitas County
Kittitas County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (509) 925-9384
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (509) 925-9384
Website/Página Web:

Beyond Survival
Grays Harbor County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (888) 626-2640
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (360) 533-9751
Website/Página Web:

Citizens Against Domestic and Sexual Abuse
Oak Harbor
Island County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (800) 215-5669
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (360) 675-7057
Website/Página Web:

Crisis Support Network
Pacific County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (800) 435-7276
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (360) 875-6702
Website/Página Web:

Dove House Advocacy Services
Port Townsend
Jefferson County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (360) 385-5291
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (360) 385-5292
Website/Página Web:

DV/SA Services of Whatcom County
Whatcom County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (360) 715-1563
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (360) 671-5714
Website/Página Web:

Family Crisis Network
Pend Oreille County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (509) 447-5483
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (509) 447-2274
Website/Página Web:

Family Resource Center of Lincoln County
Lincoln County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (800) 932-0932
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (509) 725-4358
Website/Página Web:

Forks Abuse Program
Clallam County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (360) 374-2273
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (360) 374-6411
Website/Página Web:

Harborview Center for Sexual Assault & Traumatic Stress (HCSATS)
King County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (206) 744-1600
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (206) 744-1637
Website/Página Web:

Healthy Families of Clallam County
Port Angeles
Clallam County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (360) 452-4357
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (360) 452-3811
Website/Página Web:

Hope Project | Emergency Support Shelter
Cowlitz County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (360) 636-8471
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (360) 425-1176
Website/Página Web:

King County Sexual Assault Resource Center
King County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (888) 998-6423
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (425) 226-5062
Website/Página Web:

Kitsap Sexual Assault Center, Main Office
Port Orchard
Kitsap County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (360) 479-8500
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (360) 876-3282
Website/Página Web:

Lower Valley Crisis & Support Center
Yakima County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (509) 837-6689
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (509) 837-6689
Website/Página Web:

New Hope
Moses Lake
Adams & Grant Counties
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (888) 560-6027
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (509) 764-8402
Website/Página Web:

Providence Intervention Center for Assault and Abuse
Snohomish County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (425) 252-4800
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (425) 297-5774
Website/Página Web:

Quality Behavioral Health
Asotin & Garfield Counties
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (888) 475-5665
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (509) 758-3341
Website/Página Web:

Rebuilding Hope! Sexual Assault Center for Pierce County
Pierce County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (253) 474-7273
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (253) 597-6424
Website/Página Web: 

Rural Resources Victim Services

Colville, Republic, Inchelium, Davenport

Ferry, Lincoln & Stevens Counties

Hotline/Línea de Crisis: 1-844-509-SAFE(7233)

Phone/Línea de Oficina: (509) 684-3796

Website/Página Web:


SAFE San Juans

San Juan County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (360) 376-5979
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (360) 376-5979
Website/Página Web:

SAFE San Juans Friday Harbor
Friday Harbor
San Juan County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (360) 378-2345
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (360) 378-8680
Website/Página Web:

SAFE San Juans Lopez Island
Lopez Island
San Juan County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (360) 468-4567
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (360) 468-3788
Website/Página Web:

Thurston County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (360) 754-6300
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (360) 786-8754
Website/Página Web:

SAGE, Safety Advocacy Growth and Empowerment
Chelan & Douglas Counties
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (509) 663-7446
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (509) 663-7446
Website/Página Web:

Sexual Assault & Family Trauma (SAFeT) Response Center
Spokane County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (509) 624-7273
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (509) 747-8224
Website/Página Web:

Skagit Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services
Mount Vernon
Skagit County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (888) 336-9591
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (360) 336-9591
Website/Página Web:

Skamania County Council on DV and SA
Skamania County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (877) 427-4210
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (509) 427-4210
Website/Página Web:

St. James Family Center
Wahkiakum County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (360) 795-6400
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (360) 795-6401
Website/Página Web:

Support, Advocacy & Resource Center
Benton & Franklin Counties
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (509) 374-5391
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (509) 374-5391
Website/Página Web:

The Human Response Network
Lewis County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (800) 244-7414
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (360) 748-6601
Website/Página Web:

The Support Center
Okanogan County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (888) 826-3221
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (509) 826-3221
Website/Página Web:

Turning Pointe Survivor Advocacy Center
Mason County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (877) 923-1212
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (360) 426-1216
Website/Página Web:

Washington Gorge Action Programs - Programs For Peaceful Living
Klickitat County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (800) 352-5541
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (509) 493-1533
Website/Página Web:

YWCA - Clark County - Sexual Assault Program
Clark County
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (800) 695-0167
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (360) 696-0167
Website/Página Web:

YWCA - Walla Walla County
Walla Walla
Columbia & Walla Walla Counties
Hotline/Línea de Crisis: (509) 529-9922
Phone/Línea de Oficina: (509) 525-2570
Website/Página Web:








Reviewed: September 28th, 2018