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Fostering Resilience in Children, Teens, and Caregivers

This resource focuses on resilience and how we can promote it in our everyday advocacy with young survivors and their caregivers. We often talk about the healing process; what we are really referring to is one understanding of resilience: The human capacity to face, overcome, be strengthened by or even transformed by, the adversities of life. In our work, we provide tools and support to empower survivors of all ages to build upon that capacity that already exists. Promoting resilience aligns with the core principles of advocacy; often, we are doing it without knowing it and other times, it may get lost in the shuffle of crisis response. It can take the form of an intentional conversation, modeling an exercise, or providing some informal education. Whatever it looks like in your daily work, making time and space to focus on resilience is beneficial to those you serve and it also reminds us to see the forest through the trees.

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Reviewed: March 21st, 2017