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IPSV Support Group Guide: A Guide to Psychoeducational Support Groups for Survivors of Intimate Partner Sexual Violence

Download this publicationThis Guide is a supplement to the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs' (WCSAP) general guide to psychoeducational support groups, Circle of Hope. Circle of Hope provides excellent information about the nature of psychoeducational groups and how they differ from self-help and therapy groups. In addition, there is information about how to select participants, work with a co-facilitator, establish a curriculum, handle the inevitable concerns that arise in the course of running groups, and maintain healthy boundaries in group work. This Guide does not duplicate that information, and should be used in conjunction with Circle of Hope, which is available online at

As with Circle of Hope, this Guide provides information specifically relevant to psychoeducational groups that are to be run according to the guidelines provided by the Office of Crime Victims Advocacy for community sexual assault programs in the State of Washington. The goal of this supplemental Guide is to encourage support groups where survivors of intimate partner sexual violence can feel welcomed, included, and supported.

Download this publication

Reviewed: May 10th, 2016