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Leadership at All Levels

As managers in the field of social justice, we want to create work environments that promote the fundamental values of our field. These values include lifting each other up and helping others to reach their full potential. Leadership is not the result of a title or a mandate; it is the process of harnessing the respect of others to move toward the realization of a vision. In successful organizations, everyone has the opportunity to become a leader in some capacity.

To translate this lofty goal into action, ask yourself:

  • Does everyone in this organization have a chance to exercise leadership in some area, such as a project, an outreach activity, or helping other staff to develop skills?
  • Do all staff members understand that they are instrumental in shaping the day-to-day activities and overall direction of our work?
  • Have I identified barriers to leadership for each staff member (such as a lack of confidence or skills in a particular area) and have I worked with that person to create a professional development plan to overcome these barriers?


Reviewed: April 25th, 2016