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Male Survivors of Sexual Violence

male survivor issues of connections cover page

We know that boys, men, and male-identified trans people can be victims of sexual assault. In our work to support survivors and to end sexual assault, we need to look at the specific needs and unique circumstances of male survivors in order to constantly improve our advocacy and pressure systems to respond effectively and compassionately.

This issue of Connections features several specific dimensions to our work with male survivors.

There is a collection of interviews throughout this issue, including an interview focusing on faith communities with Dr. Jaime Romo, Just Detention International's Linda McFarlane talks about work to support male survivors of sexual assault in prison and other detention facilities, and the former president of the Washington Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (WATSA), Dan Knoepfler, provides an overview of the research relating to questions that male survivors, their families, and communities may have. Following up on the Winter 2010 issue of Connections focused on LGBTIQ survivors, Talcott Broadhead from The Evergreen State College discusses some of the unique needs of gay male survivors.

Throughout the issue, we have highlighted how local advocates across Washington State work with male survivors. In addition, we're presenting the debut of a new feature, Question Oppression, which is a set of questions exploring the connections between sexual violence and anti-oppression work. We hope that you will join in the conversation!

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Reviewed: May 10th, 2016