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New Resources for Working with Male Survivors

The release of several new resources focused on working with male sexual assault survivors is timely given the recent uncovering of the tragedy at Penn State. While there has been much focus on the actions of the perpetrator and the inaction of multiple bystanders, less attention has been given to the victims.

As advocates we have a role in shifting the conversation to address the needs, rights, and experiences of the male survivors who have been identified, those who are still unknown, and all those who have inevitably been impacted by the news of this case.

The following resources will serve to support your efforts to lead your community in awareness-raising, prevention, and a victim-centered response to male survivors of sexual violence.

The latest edition of Connections is hot off the press!

Focused on male survivors of sexual violence, articles discuss the role of faith communities, sexual assault in prison, working with gay male survivors, and much more.

Read WCSAP's response to the Penn State case.

Additional Resources

  • A recent MSNBC story highlights the impact that the Sandusky case has had on male survivors of child sexual abuse.
  • Don't forget about the collection of resources from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center on preventing child sexual abuse.
Reviewed: April 13th, 2015