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Ongoing Healing Resources

Sharing your story / Connecting with other survivors

  • Your local community sexual assault program may offer opportunities to get involved in community events or volunteer work.
    • Additionally, these programs can help get you connected to long-term services such as therapy or a support group. If you have a need that they cannot meet, they can also provide you with referrals to other services close to you.
  • Pandora's Project sponsors the internet's largest support community for those who have been the victim of sexual violence. The organization also operates a free sexual assault lending library, maintains resource lists for survivors in need of face-to-face support, and organizes retreat weekends for survivors ready to take their healing one step farther. Pandora's Project is managed and staffed by more than 50 survivors, all of whom are unpaid volunteers.
  • I Believe You, It's Not Your Fault is a blog that posts stories survivors submit. It's an opportunity to share a story, ask a question, and get connected to the experiences of others.

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Reviewed: September 9th, 2015