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Online Learning Tools

We want to stay informed, connected, supported, and excited about prevention work. We like to gather, talk, listen, read, and share. We need to utilize a variety of learning tools!

In-person trainings, conference calls, and live webinars are all important but also require just the right timing. In addition to those, try an online course or module -- they allow you to take in the information on your schedule. Here are a few of the great ones that are out there!

  • Prevention Orientation Online Course This 5-hour course developed by the WCSAP Prevention Resource Center delves into critical aspects of sexual violence prevention. Concepts such as public health theory, best practice models to guide activities, and the Community Development model, used in Washington, are explained in relation to sexual violence prevention.
  • Principles of Prevention (POP) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's POP course gives an overview to the primary prevention of violence in general. The course is approximately 1.5 hours and CEU credits can be earned.
  • Engaging Bystanders in Sexual Violence Prevention The New England Adolescent Research Institute Inc. (NEARI) and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) present this 1-2 hour training module. The course presents information on the role of bystanders in preventing sexual violence and tools to teach bystander interventions.
  • Dating Matters: Understanding Teen Dating Violence Prevention This 1-hour, interactive, free, online training is designed for educators but could also be useful for anyone working with teens. The course includes an overview of teen dating violence, risk and protective factors, tips for healthy relationships, and prevention resources.

Want more?

  • Online courses are just one way to continue to develop your prevention knowledge. Visit the WCSAP Prevention page for key documents, recorded webinars, resource reviews, archives of the PISC, and more... plus don't forget all the resources in our Library!
  • Also check out some of the national organizations offering online learning, such as the many web conferences hosted by Prevent Connect and the wealth of publications from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center!
Reviewed: February 23rd, 2016