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Paradoxes Prevention

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As you read articles in this issue you may ask yourself, "What is the unifying theme?" The articles appear to be more dissimilar than similar. They include an overview of a burgeoning college sexual violence prevention coalition, an academic discussion of the intersection between feminist and public health theory and journal entries chronicling the experiences of an anti-sexist activist filmmaker at the Sundance Festival. The commonality is that they are all fairly representative of the paradoxical nature of sexual violence prevention work.

Sexual violence prevention work is filled with contradictions and in order to do it well we must be able to embrace the incongruity. Done well the work is filled with apparent inconsistencies. We form coalitions in order to produce better outcomes for individuals. We critique the misogynistic messages within hip-hop while recognizing its validity as an art form and the need to avoid demonizing it in its entirety. We reconcile disparate schools of thought such as public health and radical feminism. However the most profound paradox

is that we are most at risk from people known to us. Given our willingness to face this troubling fact and to develop prevention strategies which incorporate this reality: it is clear to me we will be successful in resolving ambiguities which will emerge as we develop new sexual violence prevention approaches.

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Reviewed: July 11th, 2016