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Parenting Plans and Family Violence: Keeping Kids Safe

Family court proceedings can be overwhelming and frustrating for nonoffending parents. As advocates for these parents and their sexually abused children, we may feel helpless when the courts do not seem to understand the dynamics of sexual abuse or fail to take action to protect children. In this webinar, Ms. Savina will focus on parenting plans as a tool for keeping children safe in custody cases.

  • Why understanding parenting plans is important for advocates working with sexually abused children and their protective parent;
  • How parenting plans are created and enforced;
  • What can be included in a parenting plan to increase the child’s safety; and
  • What recourses are available when a court fails to protect a child

Presented by Leslie Savina, Northwest Justice Project

Leslie Savina graduated from Fairhaven College/Western Washington University and attended law school at the University of San Francisco. She worked at Seattle law firms beginning in 1978, as a paralegal prior to law school and a litigator after, until becoming first staff attorney for the Domestic Violence Legal Fund at Eastside Legal Assistance Program in 1995. In 2006 Ms. Savina joined Northwest Justice Project as a statewide advocacy coordinator. Ms. Savina also serves as a pro tem family law commissioner in King County Superior Court. She works on behalf of children and families through volunteer work with Washington Women in Need, KCBA Family Law Clinic, King County Coalition Against Domestic Violence, King County Family Law CASA. In 2010 she received the KCCADV Excellence in Advocacy Award.

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Reviewed: April 12th, 2016