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Campaign Archive

Below is a compilation of "Be The Solution" Washington Sexual Assault Awareness Month Campaigns and the resource items produced.

2018: Embrace Your Voice

  • Poster Series: Boundaries, Sexuality, and Gender
  • Updated & Expanded Version -- Be The Solution Discussion Guide, Teens Edition

2017: Engaging New Voices; Ending Sexual Violence Begins with Youth Activism

  • "We Believe You" Coloring Book
  • Youth Activism Activity Flags
  • "Believe Survivors, Change the Culture" stickers

2016: Prevention is Possible

  • Resource Folders
  • Fortune Teller (Boundaries) Activity
  • Prevention is Possible Activity Flags

2015: Healthy Kids, Empowered Families, Engaged Communities

  • Be The Solution Game, Kids Edition
  • Be The Solution Discussion Guide, Kids Edition

2014: Your Voice. Our Future. Prevent Sexual Violence

  • Be The Solution Game, Teens Edition 
  • Be The Solution Discussion Guide, Teens Edition
  • Consent Activity Flags
  • Youth Consent Resources Cards/Webpage

2013: Healthy Sexual Development

  • Tri-fold Resource for Parents
  • Web-based Resources for Parents

2012: Voices. Actions. Communities

  • General Awareness Video (Available with subtitles in English, Spanish, and Russian)
  • Bystander Video (Available with subtitles in English)
  • Radio PSA (Available in English and Spanish)

2011: "I Can" Be The Solution

  • Postcard Activity
  • Bystander Bingo Activity

2010: "I Am Pro..."

  • Anti-Sexual Violence Activity Flags
  • Anti-Violence Activity Flags
  • Anti-Sexual Harassment Activity Flags
  • Anti-Harassment Activity Flags
Reviewed: February 14th, 2018