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Pilot Project Report

CSA Prevention Pilot Projects

Over the last two years, significant progress has been made around the primary prevention of child sexual abuse in Washington State. WCSAP is excited to provide an update on the work happening at the coalition and at the local community sexual assault programs who are leading the way in our efforts to engage parents, caregivers, and communities in protecting children and changing social norms that contribute to child sexual abuse.

In each report, we share information about the pilot of the Where We Live curriculum around Washington State. Included you will find:

  • Overview of the pilot project
  • Profile of the projects
  • Strategies around community collaboration and participant recruitment
  • Helpful incentives
  • Successes and challenges with the curriculum
  • Community adaptations
  • Lessons learned
  • Program impacts
  • Project findings
  • Future directions

Download the CSA Project Sites Year One (2014) report

Download the CSA Project Sites Year Two (2015) report


Additionally, WCSAP contracted with Dr. Stephanie Townsend to conduct statewide analysis of the project sites. Some of these findings are referenced in the above reports, however full details of the methodology, outcomes, and recommendations can be downloaded here.

Download the Year One (2014) Evaluation report

Download the Year One (2015) Evaluation report

Reviewed: November 6th, 2015