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The Prevention Review

The Prevention Review highlights a collection of exciting resources to aid your fantastic prevention work! These resources are divided into three categories: Books & Research, Films & Media, and Online Resources.

Volume 5

Volume 4

Volume 3

  • Conceptualizing the Engaging Bystander Approach to Sexual Violence Prevention on College Campuses
  • American Perceptions of Sexual Violence: A Frameworks Research Report
  • The Line
  • Bullied
  • Scenarios USA

Volume 2

  • Response Ability
  • Programs to Reduce Teen Dating Violence & Sexual Assault: Perspectives on What Works
  • Straight Talk: The Truth About Alcohol And Sex
  • I Never Thought It Was Rape
  • Data Collection for Program Evaluation
  • Orientation to Violence Prevention & Scope of the Problem

Volume 1

  • Factors Contributing to the Effectiveness of Four School-Based Sexual Violence Interventions
  • Primary Prevention of Violence Against Women - Training Needs of Violence Practitioners
  • War Zone
  • Generation M
  • Podcasts
Reviewed: August 1st, 2016