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Sticking Principles & Being Flexible

In sexual violence prevention work we often struggle between utilizing proven principles, models, or curricula and trying to be flexible to address needs or limitations. Here are some examples of times to stick to a principle and other times to be flexible.

Program Audience

Stick to it! Small groups increase interaction & discussion.

Be Flexible! Consider mixing it up sometimes. Single gender groups are cohesive and have honest discussions. Mixed-gender groups produce diverse responses and are reflective of social interaction.

Program Settings

Stick to it! The right place is the one that meets the goals and needs of the targeted community.

Be Flexible! Schools have a large population of youth but there are barriers to access and approval of programs. Community organizations have flexibility with time and programs but don't draw large turnouts. Any setting can be beneficial depending on the tone the host sets.

Program Structure

Stick to it! Multi-session programs are more effective in changing behaviors and attitudes.

Be Flexible! Multiple techniques are critical when delivering programs. Get creative and combine techniques- role playing, videos, curricula, activities, peer mentoring.

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Reviewed: April 14th, 2015