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Quality Supervision for Support Group Facilitators

Providing and receiving effective clinical consultation is essential to the facilitation of quality psychoeducational supports groups. Many programs provide support group services without realizing that clinical consultation of the facilitator is a required component of OCVA funding under the Support Group standard for Specialized Services. Clinical consultation is very different than the supervisory responsibilities of a manager or executive director, even though it may be the same person who fulfills both these roles.

This webinar is appropriate both for those providing consultation and support group facilitators who want to enhance their consultation experience. It will address techniques and resources for providing quality clinical consultation for support group facilitators, including the educational and experience requirements for facilitators. Support group facilitators will learn how to make effective use of consultation time and incorporate feedback into their practice.

Date: January 13, 2010

Presenter: Dusty Olson

Materials & Recordings

Reviewed: May 1st, 2017