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The Rate of Cyber Dating Abuse Among Teens and How It Relates to Other Forms of Teen Dating Violence

This study looked at the extent of cyber dating abuse and how it relates to dating abuse in general. Here are some key aspects of the study:

  • Various forms of abuse were considered including sexual, psychological, and physical.
  • Youth voluntarily took part in the study while at schools that agreed to participate, in three Northeastern states. Most youth were in high school, lived with both parents, and identified as White and as heterosexual/straight.
  • Abuse was categorized as follows: cyber abuse (sexual and non-sexual), and other forms of dating violence (psychological, physical, and sexual coercion).
  • The study looked for overlaps between cyber abuse and other forms of dating violence
  • The study asked about both victimization and perpetration.

To read the entire research review, please download the PDF below.

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Reviewed: May 9th, 2016