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Prevention Without Stoplights: Sexual Assault Prevention in Rural Environments


Sexual assault prevention work in rural communities presents a unique set of advantages and hurdles. Success therein requires specialized knowledge and skills. The distinctive dynamics of these locales might range from working around the harvest schedule to tapping into the deeply connected community of granges. Additionally, gaining support and understanding from granters and monitors can be a challenge. For this reason, educators in rural communities must strive to improve their services and articulate their successes. It can feel like one stoplight after another, but that's where the back roads come in handy.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify dynamics specific to prevention work in rural communities
  2. Capitalize on positive attributes of community work in rural environments
  3. Trouble-shoot obstacles specific to rural communities
  4. Measure and convey success

Recording & Materials


Alex Mueller, Family Support Center and Kids First Children's Advocacy Center,

Alex is a Victim Advocate/Community Educator for Family Support Center and Kids First Children's Advocacy Center, programs of Rural Resources. Alex digs this long title, probably because it makes her feel at home. Her full name is Alexandra Sophia Panagotacos Mueller...and "Mueller" is pronounced "Miller." Alex graduated from the University of San Francisco with a BA in Art Education and she's currently working on her master's degree. Why? Because she thought her name probably needed more letters. Seriously, though, Alex has a passion for social justice and human rights. Her Pollyanna-esque mission is to put us all out of business.

Reviewed: May 10th, 2016