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Sexual Assault and Self Care

Download this publicationSelf care or the lack of self care affects the very work that we do. It has a rippling effect. In addition to secondary trauma, external and internal pressures such as overt and covert barriers, societal forces, socioeconomic and political factors, changing situations and the complexities of everyday life are interconnected and impact individuals and organizations.

Therefore, this issue highlights the importance of self care because there is a need for a paradigm shift that will generate conscious efforts to bring about changes. Changes that channel and compel all of us who do this work to integrate self back into care by drawing on alternative interventions and preventive perspectives to encourage a spirit of taking care of ourselves. Changes that organizations adapt, promote and continue to create work structure, systems, and explore and arrange resources that influences appraisal reinforcement, philosophy of value and execute a plan that emulate the soil of an organization with the right culture and the right competency to allow people to respectfully excel in a most supportive way.

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Reviewed: July 11th, 2016