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Sexual Assault Forensic Exams in Your Community and Special Considerations for Youth Survivors

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WCSAP often receives questions about providing medical advocacy for survivors of sexual assault. At what age can someone consent to a sexual assault forensic exam? How does billing work for the sexual assault forensic exam and follow-up medical services? What are the requirements for forensic exams in Washington? What reporting options are available to survivors when they present for an exam? Unfortunately, WCSAP is not always able to respond definitively to these questions because they often have community-specific answers.

With a focus on medical advocacy with youth survivors, this resource will outline some of the federal and Washington State laws that provide guidance on the rights of sexual assault survivors related to the forensic exam and other types of medical care. It will also highlight the areas in which, absent legal requirements, finding the answers for the survivors you work with will require information-gathering at the community level to determine the policies and practices of your local medical providers.

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Reviewed: November 6th, 2015