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Sexual Assault: Not Part of the Penalty

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The rates of sexual assault in prisons are so enormous that it is necessary to balance the infrastructure of incarcerated systems beyond quasi-methodologies and policies. Balance does not suggest that inmates are entitled to luxurious accommodations, but neither should they be housed in a controlled environment where sexual assault and rape are intermixed in the culture of jails, adult prison systems, and juvenile institutions.

The premise of this issue is not to evoke or deter debates about whether or not inmates should be subjected to inhumane and egregious sexual assault and custodial sexual misconduct in juvenile and adult correctional facilities. Instead, the intent of this issue is to dispel the myths and societal norms about sexual assault in jails, adult and juvenile institutions. This issue, also, highlights the mandate of the Prison Rape Elimination Act; points out the many challenges the Department of Corrections (DOC) and those who are in partnership with DOC face and must resolve. These resolves will lead to strategic and significant changes in correctional facilities and approaches.

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Reviewed: July 11th, 2016