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Sexual Coercion and Teens, Part 2

Talking about sexual coercion is part of an advocate’s job, but these conversations do not tend to open up naturally with teens. Many teens will need an advocate who is confident and comfortable creating a space for them to talk openly about their experiences of healthy and unhealthy sex. Educating young people about emergency contraception (EC) is one great way to open these conversations, keep teens safer, and prevent unintended pregnancies. Below are some tips to help every advocate talk about and increase access to emergency contraception, regardless of organizational, funding, community, or personal barriers.

Best Idea

Have EC on site at your program! Keep a sex first aid supply box with fun condoms, pregnancy tests, and EC to offer to teens! Let every survivor know of its availability during intake.

Don’t Ask, Just Tell!

“Here at [agency name] we can help with medical and legal advocacy and we provide bus passes if that would help you get to appointments. We also have condoms, pregnancy tests, and emergency contraception and are available to talk if you or a friend is ever worried about getting pregnant.”

Better Idea

Build relationships with local pharmacies, informing them of the importance of providing easy access to EC. This will ensure the teen has a good, trauma-informed experience purchasing EC over the counter at that location. Although EC is available in Washington state for purchase in unlimited quantities, to any person of any age and gender, some pharmacies, whether intentional or not, create additional barriers to purchasing EC.

  • Cold call local pharmacies in your area and ask them various questions to get a general understanding of what a survivor would experience when attempting to purchase EC at that location.
  • Build a solid relationship with a local pharmacy committed to reducing barriers for survivors and inform teens of this location.

Good Idea

Inform survivors about emergency contraception and its availability for purchase 24/7 on store shelves and online!

  • EC can be purchased over the counter in most stores and online at the following websites:, Family Planning Services, Inc., and Kwik Med.
  • Provide coupons for purchasing EC over the counter. $10.00 off coupons are available for printing at Plan B Website, or $5.00 off coupons at the Next Choice Website.

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Reviewed: April 14th, 2016