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Social Marketing Tools to Prevent Teen Violence

That's Not Cool is pretty cool.

That's Not Cool is a social marketing campaign that uses social networking and even social media tools. Wait, what? I'll explain.

Social marketing is a strategy that applies marketing principles (and techniques from other areas) to create behavior change. The aim is social good.

The other two terms refer to kinds of websites.

  • A social networking service is a site that lets you connect with others and share stuff. The emphasis is on connecting people with shared offline networks (your friends) or shared interests (fellow fiddle players).
  • A social media site might share some features with social networking services but the focus is on sharing news or content.

That's Not Cool uses social networking to let users send "callout cards" to friends or partners. The cards are over the top, funny, but also honest. I can guess that some people wouldn't feel comfortable/safe sending a card to their boyfriend or girlfriend. On the other hand, it is easy to imagine people sending a card to friends to keep them accountable or to reinforce expectations of respect and boundaries.

Once on the site, there are several funny videos, ways for users to leave messages on different topics, and a couple ways to access the helpline.

You can access campaign tools by making an account and logging in, but anyone can send or download a card without logging in. This would be great content to share on your agency's site, Twitter, or Facebook page for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.

Reviewed: July 11th, 2016