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Stalking: Actions for Advocates

The Center for Problem-Oriented Policing has published an excellent guide on stalking. Taking a multidisciplinary, victim-centered approach, the guide outlines some of the important roles that advocates play in helping stalking victims to attain safety. The following suggested advocacy actions are taken from this guide.

  • Develop safety plans with victims.
  • Maintain frequent contact with victims and provide support to them.
  • Assist with the process of careful and thorough documentation of stalking incidents.
  • Provide stalking logs.
  • Work with victims to develop supportive networks.
  • Assess victim needs and assist with access to services.
  • Provide information to help victims determine whether protective orders may be useful.
  • Help police develop more effective anti-stalking policies and train officers to apply them.
  • Equip stalking victims with practical tools (such as disposable cameras) to help them document events.
  • Collaborate with multidisciplinary service providers to offer victims a broad range of services that meet their legal, safety, housing, mental and physical health, economic, and privacy needs.

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Reviewed: May 10th, 2016