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Spread the word:
Encourage local libraries, schools, hospitals, places of worship, and community centers to provide current resources about sexual assault.
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WCSAP advocates for changes in public policy that support victims of sexual violence and promote healing and justice. Your donation helps us to help survivors.
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As a member of WCSAP you have the opportunity to strengthen the coalition by sharing your feedback and expertise. Membership also provides you with access to our events and resources.
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and then contact your legislators to make your voice heard.
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Take our self-paced e-learning courses, listen to our recorded webinars, check out our library resources, and attend our events.
Get involved:
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Invite your friends to help spread the message.
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follow us on Twitter @wcsap
Work for us
View current job opportunities at WCSAP.
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Spread the word about us. Link to us on your website or other social media channels.
Start something of your own:
Talk about sexual assault with your friends, start an art show about sexual assault, or host a speak-out against rape. Sexual assault affects us all - it will take all of our work to end it.
Reviewed: July 9th, 2015