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For Survivors, Family & Friends

For Victims & Survivors

The time immediately following a sexual assault can be confusing, stressful, and involve many complex choices. If you have just experienced a sexual assault, or even quite a bit of time has passed, know that you can seek the free and confidential support of advocates in your community. You may also choose to seek the support of friends or family, or contact law enforcement or health care professionals. This section includes more information on the many questions you may have.

For Friends & Family

If you know someone who has experienced a sexual assault recently, or who just told you about abuse they experienced a long time ago, you may be experiencing some strong feelings, and you may have many questions. You may be seeking more information in order to better support the survivor. The information in this section should help you to feel better informed as you support a survivor. Remember, the most important step you can take is to believe the survivor and offer your support.

Reviewed: December 6th, 2016