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Teen Prevention Curricula

Browsing some curricula when developing a program to work with teens may be a helpful way to find scripting, activities, and other tools. However, it is unlikely to find one perfect curriculum that meets the needs of your audience so you may need to combine aspects of different curricula to create your program. Here you will find links to guides, articles, and a webinar on this topic!

Below are a a few widely used curricula that are available in the WCSAP Library.

MVP Playbooks
This is a curriculum developed by Jackson Katz and partners. There are Playbooks for male and female high school students, and college students. These books provide senarios that build bystander skills and address several topics related to sexual violence. You can purchase both the trainer guide and then books for participants.
Love: All That And More
This curriculum was developed by the Faith Trust Institute. There are some great materials in this curriculum and there is definitely flexibility with the content. There are guides for working in non-faith based settings, as well as different considerations for working with Christian or Jewish communities.
Safe Dates
This curriculum was developed by Hazelden. You can preview the first chapter on their web site. It was recently revised and has gotten a lot of good feedback. May be better for younger adolescents.
FLASH (Family Life And Sexual Health)
This curriculum was developed by the King County Public Health Department. The high school lesson plan has recently been updated and the middle school lesson plan will be updated soon. Some of the sections that might be most useful for sexual violence prevention include: gender stereotypes, healthy relationships, sexual violence prevention, LGBT youth, talking to partners about prevention, sex myths facts, feelings & values, and digital communication & safety. This is a great tool to have access to and it's all online and easy to download!

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Reviewed: June 2nd, 2015