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Using a Consent Framework

We know we want to end sexual violence but what do we want? Well for one, how about healthy sexuality & mutually enjoyable sexual encounters. Teaching skills on consent encourages us to think about ourselves, our partners, & sexual boundaries before sexual violence occurs. Below are a few ideas of different ways to incorporate a consent framework into your work!



The sexuality education and support organization Scarleteen provides real resources about teen sexuality. The article Driver's Ed for the Sexual Superhighway: Navigating Consent was created by these talented folks and thoroughly delves into the topic of consent. This is a great read that puts the meaning and significance of consent into perspective. Some of the useful tools from the article: tips on how to ask and assure consent; tables with verbal and nonverbal signs of consent & non-consent; and a fun "consent traffic light".

Fun and Fast

The Consent is Sexy campaign from the University of Georgia is one of many efforts to brand this appealing approach to teaching consent. This site provides many useful quick talking points about consent, why it is sexy, and how everyone can do it.

Host a Workshop

So you're on board with the idea of consent, perhaps presented some talking points, and now it's time for something more interactive. Break the Silence, a group of Seattle, WA students, offers a zine called How to Put Together Your Own Consent Workshop! This alternative style curriculum provides definitions, activities, resources, and tips for facilitation. Not only is the information useful but the format is something fresh.


What's so rad about The Consensual Project? Well lots: school resources, workshops, a blog. But also, when you visit the site a pop-up message asks if you consent to visiting this site. This small action helps normalize the behavior of obtaining consent -- clever and respectful! Follow them on Twitter - @TheConsensual for more ways to integrate consent into daily life.

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Reviewed: February 5th, 2018